Hello, my name is Chukuro

Hello, my name is Chukuro. I am 13 years old and have a 3 month old baby. I was raped while going down to a nearby lake for water. I usually went with friends, but on that day all of my friends were busy and no one wanted to go with me. On my way back, two men approached me. They told me they were thirsty, and asked if I could give them water. I put my bucket down and saw them looking around. When they noticed I was alone, they pulled me into a field and raped me. I went home and I did not tell my family anything. The men told me if I talked, they would kill my parents.  

A few months later, my mother discovered the changes that were happening to my body. She took me to the hospital where they informed her I was pregnant; I told them what had happened. They said I was lying and chased me out of our house. I lived on the street for six months. One day, when I was hungry and sick, my street friend did not have anything to give me. I was lying down, hopeless. A man approached me, and asked if I was okay. I was afraid to talk to him, but he said he was pastor from a local church and worked with children like me. I told him my story and he took me to this house where I meet other single mothers like me. Thank you Congo Tusaidian for feeding and clothing me and my baby. God bless you.